Saturday, November 01, 2003

Celluloid ramblings

There are several interesting things going on in movie news today...

The good:
Montgomery hooks 2 'Big Fish' screenings
Montgomery will have two screenings of "Big Fish" on Dec. 12, making it the first city in Alabama and one of the first handful of cities in the country to show the film that was shot almost entirely in the tri-county area.

The bad:
'Matrix' trilogy's final installment to skip Huntsville IMAX
Just a month or two ago, the Space Center found out it would join other IMAX theaters nationwide in hosting the final installment of the "Matrix" trilogy, "The Matrix Revolutions," opening Wednesday. It would mark the first time a live Hollywood live action event film was released concurrently in 35 mm and IMAX's format. And, to tease viewers, the Space Center got the second installment of the trilogy, "Matrix Reloaded," which has drawn good crowds to the Spacedome Theater.

In the last few weeks, Space Center officials got wind that big theater chains nationwide were upset IMAX theaters were going to show "The Matrix Revolutions" concurrently and wanted Warner Brothers to delay the film in IMAX formats. And, unfortunately, that's just what's happened.

Of the 200 or so IMAX theaters nationwide, only the ones in commercial theaters will be allowed to unveil "The Matrix Revolutions" Wednesday.

The ugly:
Fans have waited 13 years (so far) for an "Aliens vs. Predator" movie, and it's finally coming out in August of next year. However, its teaser trailer doesn't leave me tingling with anticipation.

The confusing:
Disney's new animated feature, Brother Bear opens today. But today is a Saturday. Since when do movies open on Saturday? Considering studios' drive for high weekend box office numbers, this seems a very odd move. Why not open the film yesterday? Because it was Halloween?

And speaking of Halloween, why is Disney releasing The Haunted Mansion the day before Thanksgiving? Wouldn't it make more sense to release "Haunted Mansion" for Halloween and "Brother Bear" for Thanksgiving?

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