Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Matrix: Revolting

I went to see Matrix: Revolutions this afternoon. The verdict: It is thoroughly infected with suck.

The first movie blew me away — both with its action and its story. The second was competent, and there were enough cool new action sequences to wow me again. This time, though, it was sooo boring. Most of the action and special effects sequences were the same thing we've seen before — there's the shootout in the lobby scene, the martial arts scene, the Trinity pausing in mid-air scene, the hoards of Agent Smith scene, the Smith infects someone scene, the sentinels coming at the heroes scene... nothing really new. But worse, it's strewn with cheesy sentimentality. Whereas the first installment was philosophically provocative, the final installment degenerates the trilogy into intellectual drivel.

More fun at the movies... I got carded today! The girl at the ticket window looked embarrassed when I showed her my license and told her that I was almost 30.

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