Thursday, November 13, 2003

Sequential pause

I haven't bought any comics for more than a month now. I've been keeping busy with other activities so I haven't had time to miss my usual Wednesday fix too much. Nevertheless, each week I tell myself that I need to go sign up for a subscription box at Capt. Comics. I hesitate, though, because I'd get a way better discount if I went to Haven.

Driving up to Huntsville isn't the most practical thing to do, obviously — especially just to save a few dollars. It just seems like a betrayal to get my comics from anywhere besides Haven. I still have a few loose ends to tie up in Huntsville, and I wouldn't mind visiting my friends there, so I'll head up there sooner or later and catch up with back issues.

I probably won't be able to keep doing it that way, though. Eventually, I'll have to resign my allegiances and subscribe down here.

Hopefully in waiting such a long time, I can at least whittle my list down, crossing off titles that I haven't missed while I've been out of the comic loop. I'm considering even going to an all-TPB subscription list. If I can wait this long between issues, I can wait for the collected editions.

Well... we'll see.

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