Sunday, November 02, 2003

Welcome, confused Google searcher

People stumble across Impending Distractions for some strange reasons. In checking my referal stats, I found many Google searches that made sense and many more that did not. These are some of my favorites...

resizing pvc pipe sink (1st result!)
Ah, yes... I can see why my site popped up as the first result. I am the master of resizing pvc pipes.

how to hurt Superman by Brian Azzarello (6th result)
Answer: Give Lex Luthor an untraceable gun and 100 kryptonite bullets.

attentiveness at work (8th result)
No, no, no... You've got it backward. Impending Distractions is the opposite  of attentiveness at work.

get paid to advertise on my Volkswagon Bug (12th result)
Only because I spelled "Volkswagen" incorrectly on my site.

Chinese symbol for Superman (17th result)
More of this Superman crap. I hate Superman! Apparently this is what happens when you blog about things you don't like. Although the Chinese symbol part does sound amusing.

They're right to cancel most of these titles (19th result)
This one's kinda creepy. If you already had the exact text— that I wrote, then why are you searching for it?

funny incorrect sentences journalism (136th result)
This sounds like something I'd enjoy reading, though I don't have it on my site. The real question is, though, who scrolls through 135 results before clicking on mine?

And some more that I couldn't find results for (though somebody did)...

halloween pumpkin patches in New Jersey
Nope. I went to a pumpkin patch in Birmingham. Advance Internet,'s parent company, is located in New Jersey. Two totally different things.

belly dancing restaurants in San Diego
Again, it was Birmigham where I saw the belly dancers. I was in San Diego for Comic Con International. Sorry for the confusion.

draino test for gender
It worked for us!

Do daughters cause divorce?
Yes, they do. I'm in big trouble.

my brother finally made it to a Cubs game last night
My brother lives in St. Louis, so I doubt it.

I remember Matt the electrician grapefruit
Damn. I was hoping no one would ever find out about that. I'm never drinking again.

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