Sunday, August 08, 2004

Hopefully, this is part 1 of the story

I auditioned for a reality TV show this weekend.

Take a brief moment to get over the shock, then carry on to read the rest...

After work Friday afternoon, sports producer Jennifer Bonilla and I headed over to Watermark Place Outlet Mall with our applications for The Amazing Race.

As we sat in the food court awaiting our turn for an interview, we brainstormed what sort of questions we might be asked. We figured that they would be vague sort of questions like "Why do you think you should be on this show?" This notion worried us, as there would be no correct answer — we'd just have to make ourselves appear entertaining.

The direction of the interview, though, was different than we'd guessed. Questions were generally specific. We were asked things like: "How did the two of you meet?," "Are you good at directions and reading maps?," "Do you speak any foreign languages?," and "Which one of you would be more likely to eat gross foods?" As such, coming up with answers was pretty easy. We breezed through our interview without any trouble.

We mentioned that, unlike previous contestants, we don't have a long-standing relationship. We've worked together for a few months, but beyond that we don't know each other very well. I don't know if that factor could be a benefit or a deterrence to our performance. We also pointed out that we haven't followed "The Amazing Race" during its five previous iterations. Jennifer has only watched one episode, and I've never seen it at all. In fact, before I filled out my application this week, I thought the contest was something along the lines of Cannonball Run. Again, I don't know if our unfamiliarity with the show will hurt or help us.

At the conclusion, we were asked if we had anything we wanted to add. Since the sort of questions we'd planned for hadn't been asked, we decided to answer them then. I said that with so many reality TV shows on the air these days, it has become a rite of passage to appear on one. I don't think I'm cut out for "American Idol," "Survivor," or "The Apprentice," but "The Amazing Race" seems like it would be really fun.

After unclipping our microphones and thanking our interviewer, we headed outside where we began what will be four to six weeks of speculation as to whether or not we'll be called back. I've already begun to second-guess our performace. Perhaps the questions were so easy as a way to weed out boring applicants. Presented with a question that could be answered with one or two words, would you deliver a brief response, or would you elaborate offering amusing anecdotes about yourself? I'm having a hard time deciding which direction we went.

If it was the right one, you'll get more updates about my quest for reality TV stardom here in the weeks to come.

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