Thursday, August 26, 2004

Proud accomplishment

Our air conditioner started leaking again this week.

We've had several problems with the unit in the past year. It was repaired two or three times and finally replaced. Just after it was replaced, our homeowner's warranty expired. I didn't renew it because the air conditioner was the only thing I was worried about, and it was now brand new.

So when I heard the dripping sounds coming from the closet the other day, I was pissed — both with the repair company which never seems to be able to get it right and with myself for letting our warranty lapse.

Tuesday afternoon, I pulled out the manual to see if it offered troubleshooting tips. It didn't. In fact, it was clearly written, not for the average homeowner, but rather, for service professionals. I stood peering into the closet for a while, attempting to figure out how things worked.

I pulled apart and unscrewed some of the PVC pipe that I thought looked like it probably drained to the outside of the house. To my amazement, I was correct. The pipe was clogged with dust (which, now wet, could be more accurately described as muck), so I cleaned it out with water and a toothbrush. I put everything back together, changed the filter, and voila! My air conditioner is humming along normally again.

I was so pleased that I didn't have to call a repair service and pay them to do the work. Moreover, I felt manly.

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