Monday, November 15, 2004

Fond childhood memories

Clearly it's not a busy day at work when we sit around discussing classic McDonald's characters and trying to think of the name of the guy who had the Big Mac for a head. Remember him? You could climb inside his head on the playground. That was back in the days when the playground sets were made of metal and would sear your skin in the hot summer sun.

Even more pathetic than our source of trepidation is the fact that it took a while before we remembered that we work on the Internet and could simply search there for the answer.

We weren't the only ones who has pondered the fate of McDonald's characters of yore. On one site, the question is posed: "Do you remember Captain Crook?" The answer was revealed the shocking truth behind his and other erstwhile characters' disappearences.
A trip to McDonaldland to research this answer uncovered a complicated web of intrigue, deception and lies. Upon arriving I felt that there was only one person around who would be easily manipulated enough to give me the answers I was looking for.

Speaking with Grimace was interesting. While he's often portrayed as a big purple dope it seems that this is just a cover for a savvy political mind. With his "I have an IQ lower than a cheeseburger" act his peers all felt that they didn't have to cover their tracks as well as they would have to around someone like the Early Bird or I.M. Hungry. ...

It turns out the name of our character in question was actually "Big Mac." McDonald's wasn't very creative back then, I suppose. Nevertheless, those were the good old days.

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