Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Turkey travels

I've been in Atlanta for the past few days visiting my family. It doesn't seem so long, but I hadn't been there since last Christmas. Saturday night, I enjoyed my third Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I'm giving thanks that I've always seemed to have a high metabolism.

We got to see Jeff and Kim for the first time since their wedding. Unfortunately, they had to depart the same day we arrived, but at least we had a few hours. Jeff is really great with Emily — he's going to make a wonderful dad eventually.

Misty was all excited about going to Lennox Square, but we didn't make it. However, we did visit Discover Mills and the Mall of Georgia, both of which provided her with ample shopping enjoyment. At Discover Mills, Emily and I checked out the Lego store and watched the fish in the giant tank at the Bass Pro Shop. At the Mall of Georgia, on the other hand, Emily and I endured Misty's grueling 22-hour shoping spree (OK, it was probably more like 5 hours, but it felt much longer) that concluded with only one Christmas gift having been bought.

Last night, Misty and I met the Coffee Achiever and Cap'n Ken for dinner at Six Feet Under, a restraunt that derives its name from the fact that it sits across the street from Oakland Cemetery. I hadn't seen Kara in years, and (despite her claims) I'd never met her husband, so it was a welcome rendezvous.

On our way back to Birmingham today, we stopped for lunch at The Varsity. Misty commented that Emily's lunch was the most nutritious thing in the restaurant. Indeed my lunch was chock-full of grease, salt, grease, sugar, and more grease, but it was sooo good. Again, I give thanks for my metabolism.

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