Monday, November 15, 2004

I'd buy that for a dollar

Just last week, I was remarking that they ought to turn that old movie theater on Lorna Rd. into a dollar theater. There hasn't been a bargain theatre in Birmingham since the one at the Colonnade closed a few years back.

Then yesterday, Misty calls me and tells me to look at the movie listings in the paper. Lo and behold, my wish has come true! The Carmike 10 is now a bargain theater! Prices are $2.50 on weekends, $1.50 on weekdays, and a mere $1 on Thursdays.

It turns out that the theater was converted a while ago, too. I should pay more attention to the listings.

Right now, they've got a handful of movies that I either missed the first time around (Shrek 2, Harry Potter 3) or wouldn't mind seeing again (Spider-Man 2, Collateral). But for $1, I'd see pretty much anything.

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