Sunday, July 04, 2010

Baking blueberry pies

The proud cooker bakers
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Since we picked a huge amount of blueberries yesterday, we needed to find something to do with them other than sprinkling them on our breakfast cereal. Misty and the girls whipped up a couple of blueberry pies this afternoon -- one for us, and another that we brought to tonight's 4th of July picnic-themed potluck dinner at the church core group.

Kendall and Emily really did help with the baking, and they are of course proud of their accomplishment. However, I did hear a few exclamations coming from the kitchen along the lines of: "Kendall, stop! No, that's enough!"

We haven't tried our pie yet, but some folks at church declared it to be the best blueberry pie they'd ever eaten.

There are still plenty of blueberries left, though.

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