Friday, July 30, 2010

Conquering a mountain

For years I've been trying to get Misty to agree to hike up Stone Mountain together on one of our trips to Atlanta. Now that she's gotten herself on an exercise kick -- getting up almost every day to run or work out at the gym -- she finally relented (actually, we'd tried once before, a couple years ago, but it started to rain, and we had to turn back).

Today while visiting my parents, we made an early-morning drive to Stone Mountain. There were a ton of other people there doing the same thing. We hiked to the top just in time to see the sunrise.

It's an empowering feeling to make it to the top. Even though it isn't a particularly difficult thing to do, the panoramic scene from the summit makes you proud of the accomplishment.

Misty, however, wasn't satisfied. When we got to the bottom, she asked me if I wanted to walk back up again. I chose to veto that idea.

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