Sunday, July 25, 2010

Art , culture, and history in Huntsville

Interacting with art, originally uploaded by MCuthbert.

Yesterday was a day filled with fun in Huntsville.

We started by driving up to Ditto Landing for an Indian powow. There was traditional dancing, music, and costumes, but the event was much smaller than we'd expected. The girls ate sno-cones while we watched a few of the dances, and we checked out the inside of a teepee. Soon though, we headed on our way for lunch.

We ate a Rosie's Mexican Cantina, a place Misty had been itching to try, but I'd never been overly impressed with when I lived in Huntsville. My memory was clearly distorted, as this time I enjoyed some of the best fish tacos I've ever had. Apparently the hype is justified, after all.

Following lunch, we went to check out Lowe Mill, an artists' collective inside an old building. This place blew me away. I'd been there before, but only briefly, and hadn't taken a good look around. On the weekends Lowe Mill houses an art market with tons of people selling everything from paintings, to knitted caps, to blown glass, to fresh baked bread. However, the art isn't just a weekend event -- the artists' studios are housed in the building as well, so you can stop by and watch them work at their offices. In one room, Emily and Kendall were encouraged to add their own contribution by coloring on the wall. The place was super-cool.

Next we went for a walk at Big Spring Park. We dodged duck poop and crossed the red bridge, then made our way to the actual spring where Misty and I had our first date years ago. Alas, it was really hot, so we didn't feel like staying long. We retreated to Sam & Greg's for some gellato to cool off.

Huntsville continues to grow into a fabulous city -- one that I remember how much I miss with each visit.

Here are several more pictures from our trip.

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