Friday, December 12, 2003

Can't... move... belly... too... full...

Having just returned from Bombay Café for our company's annual holiday lunch, I am too stuffed to do any real work. I ate baked stuffed artichoke bottoms with lump crab meat; pumpernickel bread; a house salad with sliced driscoll strawberries, mandarin oranges, and honey roasted almonds topped with raspberry vinaigrette; grilled yellow fin grouper with butter pecan sauce; and peanut butter pie with chocolate grenache.

I figured that I'd better eat as much as I could, because I probably won't be eating dinner tonight. Bombay Café is Misty's favorite restaurant, and she was none too happy that I'd be dining there this afternoon without her. My guess is she'll exact her revenge tonight by not cooking dinner or cooking something I hate.

(and no comments about how I "expect" Misty to cook dinner — she cooks and I do a lot of the other household chores — we like it that way)

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