Monday, December 01, 2003

Visits from Morpheus

(You comic geeks will get the reference.)

I've been having some weird dreams this week.

In one, I was looking down at my wedding ring and noticed that it had a sizeable chip out of it. Underneath the gold was what looked like rusty wire. I was very upset that not only had my ring been damaged somehow, but it was now revealed to be fake! I showed the ring to Misty who regarded it with bewilderment. She proceeded to peel away much of the remaining gold as if it were aluminum foil. Indeed, underneath was a coil of rusty wire running in three loops. Around it, a thinner coil of the same wire bound the larger three coils together. After a brief inspection, Misty crumpled up the gold/foil and tossed it aside. "Don't do that!," I said frantically. "How am I supposed to get it fixed?"

In another dream, I was back at my college dorm. It was move-in day of my second year and I had the same roommates as the first. Some sort of fight broke out in the common room, so I broke it up and ushered one of the guys out into the hallway.

Seconds later, back inside the dorm, I was grabbed by the back of the neck and shoved against a wall. A guy who I didn't know was trying to break up the fight that I had just stopped, thinking I was among of the pair who had been fighting. I swirled around and my roommate Stephen and I started screaming at him.

"Who are you?! What the hell are you doing in here?!," we demanded. He gave an elusive poltician-like answer that conveyed that he couldn't answer that now, but it would be revealed soon enough.

Determined to get something out of him, I asked, "Do you live in this room?"

"No," he said.

"Are you a friend of anyone who lives here?"


"Are you dating any of the women who live here?" (No women lived in our room, of course, but the question made sense at the time.)

Again, "no."

"This is like 20 Questions!," I yelled, getting exasperated. "Are you a resident advisor?"


"Are you a member of the RSA?"

And finally, "yes."

Wanting to get him out of our room and show him that I wasn't going to bear a grudge, I shook his hand. When he left, I told Stephen that I accepted his answer because it meant that either he was an active member of the Resident Student Association and he probably really was just trying to be helpful (how those things corelate, I have no idea) or he was at least informed enough to have read his residents' handbook which states that all campus residents are members of RSA.

I then noticed my wedding ring and thought I should mention to Stephen that I was married now. I held back, though, because I remembered that he had gotten divorced within the past year or so, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I also wondered if he would even realize that I had been divorced too and that I had just gotten married, or would he think that I had been married to Misty for the past few years? I wanted to ask him what happened to lead to his divorce, but I decided the subject was best left alone.

The phone rang, distracting me anyway. The call was from the grandmother of one of our other roommates. She was so loud that we could hear the whole conversation as if she were on speakerphone.

That's all I can remember before waking up.

I'm not seeking "answers" for these dreams, and I'm not interested in speculating whether they "mean anything." I just thought I'd write them down and share them.

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