Thursday, December 11, 2003

Trapped in a Dr. Pepper bottle

If you pay attention to the "upcoming distractions" list in the sidebar, you may have noticed that "Martin Biscuit Day" has changed several times. It just changed again, in fact.

Martin Biscuit Day is what I'm calling the day when my company finally moves into its new office in the Martin Biscuit Co. building. Nearly every day for the past couple weeks we've been told that we're moving tomorrow. Yet every day, tomorrow has remained one step ahead of us.

Our original move date was September 1. Apparently, that date referred to 2004.

We had a company meeting this morning where our CEO explained reasons for the various delays and thanked us for our patience. Guess when she anticipates we'll move. Did anyone guess "tomorrow?" Needless to say, I'm dubious.

Not to give the wrong impression — the constant delays aren't really a problem. It's just amusing how often our move has been put on hold. It would be nice to finally get this project completed and be able to work with the whole staff again. In the meantime though, I'm fine in my little temp office.

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