Thursday, December 11, 2003

Checking it twice

I am a chronic procrastinator. One of my advisors in college used to claim that she deserved tenure for getting me to turn in my thesis on time. When it comes to buying Christmas gifts, I'm almost always lagging behind. I used to go shopping on December 23 each year. The malls were certainly less crowded by then, at least. Last year, I was even later than usual. I think I sent Christmas gifts out some time after New Year's.

This year, though, I've somehow managed to keep on top of things. I have almost finished with my Christmas shopping. I've never been this far ahead of the deadline. Aside from the stress this route is saving me, I'm also enojying watching Misty scramble as she is just beginning her quest.

My only roadblock this year has been my brother. He's the only person on my list that I've yet to finish with. Usually he's the easiest one for me to buy for, but this year I haven't a clue what to get for him. He's getting married soon, so I'd like to give him something practical that he can use in that regard — something more along the lines of linens rather than a video game — but that's not quite my area of expertise, nor, I imagine, is it his. Such decisions are likely to be deferred to his fiancée. To complicate things further, he'll be moving to a new city soon too (when and where also depend on his fiancée — she's the doctor), so I don't want to give him yet another thing he'll have to pack up and move. Are you reading this, Dork Boy? What do you want for Christmas?

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