Sunday, January 18, 2004

The arachnid gladiator

Here's last night's dream sequence...

Misty and I returned home from a short vacation, and greeted my friend Josh who had been house sitting for us. The house was one where I used to live in Houston, but it was located in the neighborhood where I lived in Huntsville. The three of us sat in the living room and talked about Haven, reminiscing about its inception and catching up on how things were running now under new ownership. We then decided to go to the park. I rode with Misty, and Josh drove separately. Traffic on a narrow road at an intersection near the house was making me nervous, and I commented that I hoped it didn't get as noisy as another particular intersection had become. Misty pointed out that most of the noise was coming from a single car's stereo, and it wouldn't be like that normally. When we got to the park, Misty walked off toward the lake and Josh pulled a butterfly net out of his car. Josh used his net to capture a relatively large spider (it was about the size of a quarter) which had built a little nest (not a web) in the trees. He said the spider was going to be a gladiator, and started searching for another bug that the spider could fight with. Quickly bored with the search, however, Josh ended up instead beating the spider to death with the stick end of his butterfly net.

What does it all mean?

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