Thursday, January 22, 2004

Mystery shortcake and the giant pig

I've been bringing my lunch to work lately. I'll eat at my desk while working, then on my lunch break, instead of eating lunch, I'll meet Misty and we'll drive to a spot under a big tree and take a nap. That's what we did today.

After our nap, I was hungry again, so we walked over to TCBY. There was a sign behind the counter advertising the Shiver of the Month, strawberry shortcake explosion (or something). I asked the young man behind the counter wearing a cowboy hat what was in the strawberry shortcake explosion. The yogurt cowboy's reply was, "I have no idea." This perplexed me. "Then how are you going to make it for me?," I asked. "Well, it's a new item, and we haven't been trained on it yet," was his evasive reply. While this explained why he did not know how to make the strawberry shortcake explosion, it did not explain how he was going to make it for me (which was what I had asked in the first place). However, since this was the third time I'd asked this particular yogurt cowboy about the contents of a particular yogurt creation at this particular TCBY establishment, I decided he simply isn't the most relaible source of information pertaining to yogurt and yogurt-related paraphernalia. Oh, well. I ordered something with Reese's Pieces and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups instead. It wasn't very good.

Yogurt in hand (and in mouth), I walked back over to Misty's clinic. While there, I visited with a pig who was boarding among the dogs and cats. His name is Francis Bacon, and he is huge. I'd expected to see a little potbellied pig, but this guy was about the size of a labrador, only fat. I had been hoping to get to feed him some walnuts, which I'm told he eats shell and all. Unfortunately, while my visit caused quite a stir with all the surrounding dogs, Francis didn't even look up from his nap.

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