Sunday, January 04, 2004

Been locked out

The new year didn't start off too well. I had to work on New Year's Day. I have no complaints about that, actually. The news doesn't take a holiday — someone has to update the site, and all the producers chip in a fair amount. No, my complaint is that when I got to work, I couldn't get in the office.

When we moved into the new office, we didn't get keys immediately. My editor showed me, however, that you could use a credit card to pick the lock. I tried it and found the process fairly simple. On the morning of New Year's Day, however, when I was to be the only one at the office, I couldn't get the lock picked. I tried for a long while, but I just couldn't do it. It was driving me crazy because I'd had no problems a few days earlier. I even tried breaking a piece of my old Huntsville library card off so it formed a sort of "L" shape, thinking that might work better. It didn't. I finally gave up and went home exasperated.

When I got home, I called one of my co-workers and told her what had happened. I was already pissed off, but when she told me that the locks had been changed while I was off on my weekend, I was really fuming. Of course it made sense that the locks be changed — you could get in with a credit card for God's sake — but no one bothered to tell me! My boss had called me at home only the day before to confirm that I'd be working, and I told him "yes, I'm coming in tomorrow," but there was no mention of new locks or new keys.

So I drove 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back just to end up working from home anyway.

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