Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Bad day averted

The house didn't close yesterday. I am not surprised. The same thing happened when I was buying my Birmingham home. The underwriters aren't ready yet, and they don't know when they will be. Of course, they waited until the morning of the supposed closing to let the realtors know. Jerks.

My day got even worse when I stopped by Haven for a couple minutes around 4:15 and found the store closed. Jeff just didn't show up to work, apparently. Jerk. Luckily, Josh was scheduled for 4:30, so he got there just after I did and I didn't have to stick around and work.

But I don't want to dwell on the bad stuff. I was frustrated enough yesterday. Some nice things happened, too. I had lunch at Wild Rose with Allison and Justin. We're all trying to predict who will replace Allison when she leaves al.com in a few weeks. I brought a stack of moving boxes to Brian who exchanged them for his mini-fridge and microwave. On the way home last night, I put the appliances in the temp office so we have the makings of a kitchen (sort of). In between lunch and the non-closing, I hung out with Julie and Ultimate Josh. We grabbed the last bit of stuff from my house and switched Julie's squashed recycle bin for my nice one.

When I got home, Misty was tired and had a headache. What I find so strange, though, is that even though she's constantly tired or nauseous from the pregnancy — even though the prospect of having a baby is frightening and stressful — Misty is smiling more than I've ever seen her. She is really happy about having a baby. And seeing her happy makes my lousy day seem pretty good.

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