Monday, August 25, 2003

The complaint department

Last night Misty and I rented a movie and picked up pizza. We had fun searching for a movie and even waiting for our order at Pizza Hut. When we got home, however, I discovered that my pizza was made incorrectly. I'd ordered a deep-dish cheese lover's. Upon biting into a slice, it was obvious that it was neither of those things. I took it back to the restaurant for a refund. The employees were very nice about it — they didn't argue with me, even though I knew they thought I was wrong.

When I got back home, Misty suggested that I call the 800 number to complain — not because I was actually upset, but because doing so always gets you free stuff. I called, and the customer service guy I spoke with was "deeply concerned." Pizza Hut "strives for excellence," he told me. He was going to make a note to the district manager so this sort of thing wouldn't happen again. Wow. The district manager! I felt so vindicated. But wait a minute... What do I get out of the deal? Nothing! No free pizza... no coupons... nothing! That's the last time I try to take advantage of the system.

Maybe I'll talk to Allison's husband about it. He seems to have the business of getting free food from resturants down pat. But then, that may also be because he's in the mafia.

. . .

Update: There has been some question raised as to why it took me until I bit into  the pizza for me to notice that it was not prepared as specified. It was  a cheese pizza — I just didn't realize how little cheese there was until I took a bite. Hence, there was nothing "lover's" about its cheese content. As for the crust, it didn't appear to be deep-dish, but I figured, "What do I know?" Again, however, a bite demonstrated otherwise. I do indeed know the difference between thick crust and regular. I guess my mind just required that little bit more proof.

For those of you who think I'm making too big a deal out of a little thing — I'm not, really. The pizza wasn't what I wanted. I took it back. I got a refund. No sleep lost. The real problem here is that I couldn't think of anything better to write about today. I kinda scraped bottom with this post. At least it wasn't another stupid quiz result.

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