Friday, November 23, 2012

Boys are gross

Traie, Emily and Kendall's 7-year-old cousin, came home with us after Thanksgiving dinner to visit for a couple days. Living in an otherwise all-female household, I forget how little boys can be.

As Traie was getting dressed to go out and play, I heard him making a noise in the bathroom, but I wasn't sure whether it was crying or laughing. "Are you OK in there, Traie?," I asked through the door.

"I accidentally dropped my underwear in the toilet," he answered.  At least by now though, I could tell he was laughing.

Afraid of what was about to come next, I asked him, "Why is the toilet lid open?"

"I don't know," he replied. The classic kid answer.

At this point, I knew I had to check, so I opened the door. I found Traie stuffing a sopping wet pair of briefs into his bag of clean clothes. "Did you just go to the bathroom a minute ago?," I asked.


"Did you flush?"

"Oh. Whoops."

I looked to confirm, and the water in the toilet was indeed yellow.  So actually he was stuffing a pair of briefs sopping wet with urine back into his bag of clean clothes.

"Well, that mystery's solved," I said. "Let's not put those in with your clean clothes. Why don't I just wash them instead?"

I got a load of laundry started, and Traie headed toward the door.  His pants were noticeably sagging, and I immediately saw that something was missing.

"Traie, you forgot your underwear," I said. "You need to put on one of the other pairs you have with you."

"Oh. Whoops."

Thank you, God, for my little girls (who never do anything gross ever).

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