Monday, November 05, 2012

Talking to spiders

Kendall got some plastic spiders for Halloween, and she's been having fun placing them around the house in an attempt to "scare" the rest of us.  She put one on my shoulder while giving me a hug, and a couple days ago I found one of them waiting for me on my pillow.

We had a pest control visit scheduled for today, and this morning I heard Kendall talking to her spiders.  "Don't worry," she told them.  "He's just going to spray for bugs, and you're not bugs, so you'll be safe."

Before you get too impressed that she knows spiders aren't insects, I should also mention that a few days earlier Kendall said to me, "Spiders lay eggs, so they must be mammals, right?"

At least she's right that her plastic arachnid friends are safe from the bug spray guy.  I'm not so sure about the real spiders around here, though.

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