Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving break commences

With the girls out of school and Misty off from work (and me too, obviously) we kicked off the Thanksgiving holiday with a trip to the movies to see Disney's "Wreck-It Ralph."  I'd been enthused about this movie ever since I first saw the trailer for it back in June, and I was not disappointed.  It was fun catching all the old video game references scattered throughout what was a really sweet story, too.

The girls loved the movie too, and it came as no surprise that they were fans of the character Vanellope von Schweets.  In fact, Vanellope played a much bigger role than I'd realized, helping make the movie very girl-friendly.  She's currently scheduled for character meet-and-greets (alongside Ralph) at Disney World, so I hope she'll still around by the next time we make it there.  It's too bad Disney made her a full-bodied, masked costume though.  She'd have been a fun character to hear talk, considering her personality.  Actually, Misty remarked that a Vanellope costume wouldn't be too difficult to put together for next Halloween.  I'm not sure if she was thinking of it for the girls or herself, though.

After the movie, Misty went to check out the new Charming Charlie store in McCalla.  Emily and Kendall think that place is just the greatest -- so much fancy stuff, they can barely contain themselves.  They found a section of tiaras, and they were in heaven.

Later on, Kendall helped Misty bake pumpkin bars for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal while Emily helped me bake a chocolate chip walnut pie.

Day one of Thanksgiving break is an official success.

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