Saturday, December 15, 2012

A jolly holiday all over town

I couldn't bring myself to eat breakfast today, I was still so full of pie from last night's Christmas party for the church office.  There were at least six varieties, and our hosts Rick and Lisa encouraged us to sample them all.  I won't disclose how many pieces I ate, but I will say that despite the temptation, I was unable to fit them all in.

While Misty and her mom went out grocery shopping today, I took the girls out to run a few errands of our own.  We had lunch in SoHo Square, and Emily and Kendall insisted on posing for a photo in front of the huge Christmas tree there.  After lunch, we spent a couple hours at McWane Science Center, where the third floor was decked out with their "Winter Wonderland" theme.  The girls played in the artificial snow (which was even cold), rode a miniature train, looked at the model train exhibits (we particularly liked the Hogwarts Castle set), and slid down the giant slide decorated with white Christmas lights.

When we finally returned home, we only had a few minutes before heading right back out again -- this time to see Santa.  As is our tradition, we visited Santa at Colonial Brookwood Village mall.  We've never had to endure a long line there, the setup is nice, and almost every year we see the same guy (which helps reaffirm the magic).  Plus, the line lets out right by the See's Candy kiosk where they give out free chocolate samples.

As we drove home, we avoided the highway, instead detouring through neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights.  By that time though, the girls were starting to crack from a full day of holiday stimulation, and they entered their silliness mode that snowballs into absurdity.  Sometimes it doesn't matter if Santa is watching or the Elf on the Shelf is keeping notes -- they've just gotta blow off steam and act like a couple of Tasmanian devils who've been knocking back Pixy Stix.

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