Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Recent Kendallisms

Kendall has been sick a lot lately.  She had strep throat, and after she finished her medicine she stayed well for a week, then got strep again.  When she recovered from her second bout of strep, she got her FluMist vaccine and wound up with a few days of flu symptoms.  Then this week she had a couple days of fever, keeping her home from school again.

All of this illness has come with congestion and a runny nose.  But Kendall refuses to blow her nose.  She insists she can't and snorts her snot back up into her sinuses instead.  Misty and I keep trying to explain that her body is trying to get rid of the snot, and that she needs to blow it out or she'll continue to feel sick.  We've explained that wiping her runny nose instead of blowing is only making it red and sore.  Kendall is not interested in our advice, though.  She prefers to wipe and snort.

Last night as we pleaded with her to at least try to blow her nose, she exclaimed, "It's not the snot that's making me sick!  It's because one time at school I was eating a cupcake, and I accidentally ate a little piece of the wrapper!  That's why I keep being sick so much!"

Other notable Kendallisms this week...

After she passed gas at the dinner table:  "Wow. That sounded like a motor."

To Misty:  "Something smells like a ham sandwich that's been cooked in a dirty garbage can.  It's either your perfume or my armpit."

To me:  "Daddy, that shirt makes you look pregnant."

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