Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bret Walters: Vampire Hunter

And now for another episode of "Baffling Conversations with My Kids."

During dinner tonight, Kendall told us, "Abraham Lincoln is in a movie, and he hunts for ghosts."

Me [laughing]: "Oh, yeah, Mr. Bret mentioned that the other day in church."  (He had been making a joke about today's kids growing up believing that Lincoln hunted vampires.)

Misty: "But it's not really true, though. That's what Mr. Bret was saying."

Emily: "Yes it is.  He's a Vampire Hunter."

Misty: "No. That's just made up. Abraham Lincoln did not do that."

Kendall: "So, Mr. Bret is a vampire hunter?"

Misty: "No. Our preacher does not hunt vampires."

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