Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Emily heads off to camp

Emily is somewhere in this crowd.
Emily left for camp today.  She's been so excited about going that she's insisted that she wouldn't be able to eat or sleep over the weekend.  She was ready to pack her suitcase last Thursday.  My favorite was when she told me that she was so excited about camp that she thought her face was going to explode.

Since the bus to camp was picking kids up from the church, Misty took Emily to work with her today.  Emily wanted to board the bus as soon as it pulled up at the door an hour before departure, but Misty made her wait inside (sitting in a parked vehicle isn't a great idea in this heat).  As soon as they were allowed though, Emily and her friend Raven were the first ones on the bus, planting themselves in the first seat (my guess is that their seating choice was intended to allow them to be the first off the bus, too).

Emily wasn't the only one excited about her departure, though.  Kendall registered her own enthusiasm because, as she pointed out, she'd get to play on the Wii without interruption.

Of course, today Kendall said, "I wish Emily was home already."  It's tough to be without your best friend.

These sisters drive each other crazy, but they can't bear to be apart either.

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