Saturday, October 20, 2012

Racing for the Cure

Emily ran her first 5K today at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  She wore a pink sign pinned to the back of her shirt that read, "In celebration of my Grammy, Gretchen Cuthbert."

Kendall was not happy that Emily got to participate without her.  However, considering that she wanted to be carried after only two blocks from the car, I don't think she's ready for a 3.1-mile run.  Kendall and I sat by the fountain in Linn Park -- which had been dyed pink for the occasion -- while Misty and Emily ran.

We made it over to the finish line just in time to cheer.  After less than a minute of waiting, I heard Kendall holler, "Go Emily!"  Then I caught sight of Misty and saw Emily cross the finish line a few feet in front of her.  They finished in about 45 minutes -- which, considering Emily had never run that far before, is impressive.

Emily's favorite part of the race was the water stops.  She was so impressed that she could dump a cup of water on her head (and that you throw your empty cup on the ground)!

We're very proud of our pink-clad ladies who ran the race today, raising awareness of breast cancer and funds for breast cancer research.

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