Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Alabama blogging community

For the past few weeks, I've been working on a project that some of you have already noticed.

At al.com, we have a Weblogs page where we link to a few locally-oriented blogs and host a few of our own. In attempting to add some diversity to our locals list, I began digging up blogs from all over the state. After a few days of searching, I'd found more than 50 and submitted them to my editor. He suggested that I whittle down the list and link to the best sites. This was difficult to do because I kept finding more and more Alabama-based blogs, and there were a lot of really good ones. I added about a dozen to the original page and proceeded to compile a massive list of over 100 weblogs to be linked from there. This past Sunday, I posted the new, extended list and put a little al.com - Alabama Weblogs button in my own blog's side bar so I could show my editor what I had in mind. Before he even saw it though, some people had already found it and linked it in their own blogs. Luckily, the project was approved.

Anyway, please visit al.com's Alabama Webloggers list and check out some of your neighbors' pages. If you'd like your blog added to the list, just let us know.

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