Monday, September 01, 2003


Here it is, Labor Day, and I'm at work. I must be fair, though. I am here by choice. My boss asked me if I'd be working, and I decided I would. This way I can use my holiday in lieu of a vacation day next week.

My "secret" has finally been outed to the ChatXtra crowd. I hadn't told any of them about Misty's pregnancy, but someone announced it in the room yesterday. I wasn't exactly keeping it hidden, but I wasn't broadcasting the news, either.

Yes, this blog is linked from my chat profile, but until yesterday, very few had looked at it anyway. Of the few who did click the link, fewer still bothered to actually read  the blog. Hell, I've had my web site, e-mail address, and Yahoo Messenger screen name linked from my chat profile for years, and no one's ever bothered with the personal information you can garner from that stuff. I figured even though the subject is occasionally mentioned on this page, that the news of my impending fatherhood would leak out slowly, if at all. I figured I'd announce it when I was comfortable doing so.

Oh, well. It's a moot point now.

So, why take such a chance in the first place? Why let the chat crowd, a group of people whom I barely know, have access to my weblog? Simple. I want traffic.

I've been trying to convince my editor that I should write a blog or two for If I can show that people are interested in reading the stuff I write about here, maybe I can sway him. Surely a blog with a focus on entertainment and events in Alabama would draw more interest than a blog about myself.

But who knows? Maybe more people are voyueristic and would prefer to read about the daily activities of someone they don't even know. If that's where you fit in, welcome to the mundane adventures of my life.