Friday, September 19, 2003

Hungry and cranky

I'm sitting at work right now, frustrated that I can't leave for lunch. I was supposed to put together the midday package on our home page focusing on this weekend's Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, but I needed a graphic to go with it. However, for some stupid reason, as mere producer, I am not supposed to design graphics on my own. Instead, I have to send a graphics request to the design team in New Jersey.

I filled out the bureaucratic little form with explicit detail on how I wanted the graphic to look, and I included all the pieces they'd need to put it together. I'm just missing one piece that I know they already have. It should take them about 2 minutes to design this damned thing. Of course, it's been almost two hours now, and I'm still waiting. I've published my own confederate graphic in the meantime, but if they e-mail me theirs and it doesn't go up immediately, they'll bitch about it. Everyone else in the office has gone to lunch, so I'm stuck waiting.

Update: 10 minutes after posting, the coveted Sidewalk graphic arrived. Also, Misty brought me lunch from Sam's (the restaurant, not the wholesale club) because she is le girlfriend extraordinaire.

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