Saturday, September 13, 2003

Halloween is good for you

Misty gave me a couple "fun size" candy bars when I dropped her off at work this morning (we carpool — you should, too). I ate them a few minutes ago, and they got me started thinking about Halloween.

I like Halloween. Like Christmas, it's become a season instead of just a single day. All through October, there are pumpkin patches, hayrides, haunted houses, costume parties, and more to partake in. People decorate their houses, and everything is festive.

I'm particularly looking forward to getting lost in the cornfield MAiZE and getting scared at Sloss Fright Furnace. I'm also excited about the prospect of actually having trick-or-treaters come to my door this year, now that I'm living in a neighborhood that has more than four kids.

We won't be greeting trick-or-treaters this year though, nor will we be going trick-or-treating ourselves. Instead, we'll be driving up to Huntsville to see Jerry Seinfeld. I missed his stand-up performance in Birmingham earlier this year, so I was very pleased to get tickets to the Huntsville show yesterday.

Misty, however, does not yet know that I bought us tickets. Actually, I doubt she even knows about the event at all. We'll see how long it takes her to find out.

Anyway, back to Halloween...

It's a fun holiday. All these ultra-conservative Christians who claim Halloween is evil are just crazy. It may have been celebrated as "the devil's holiday" hundreds of years ago, but as times have changed, the meaning of Halloween has, too. These days it's just a source of good-natured frights and candy for kids (of all ages). There isn't anyone offering up human sacrifices to Beelzebub (I watched The 'Burbs last night). The only ones who still make a connection between Halloween and the devil are the loud-mouthed religious idiots who are trying to "save" us from it. Personally, I think they're the real devils. I wish they'd shut up and let the rest of us enjoy our candy.

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