Sunday, September 14, 2003

Cheap snacks

On the way home from work yesterday, Misty and I stopped at the Shell station next to the animal clinic to partake in their "grand opening." They had hot dogs, popcorn, sodas, and sno-cones for 25¢ each. We'd already had lunch, so we weren't quite hungry enough to fully take advantage of the cheap food, but it was fun to fill our bellies for only 75¢.

Misty remarked that she was surprised that they could afford to sell the food at such a low price. I pointed out that sometimes establishments will give out free  hot dogs and such at grand opening events. In fact, I've seen that happen a lot — I just don't pay it much attention.

That's what's odd about this situation. If Shell had been offering free hot dogs and such as part of their promotional event, I probably wouldn't have bothered. However, by selling them at such a low price, I felt like I was getting a deal. I wonder if other people's minds work the same way?

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