Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Searching for songs

In working on a new CD for this weekend's car trip to Florida, I've been downloading music from Kazaa. I can't seem to find the two new tracks from R.E.M. that are supposedly floating around, though. Anyone have a copy of "Animal" or "Bad Day?" E-mail me and let me know. I found "The Final Straw," but the quality is very poor. I assume these going to be included on "best of" disc that's coming out in October.

I also found "All the Right Friends" which, I am ashamed to say I didn't realize, is on the Vanilla Sky soundtrack. I hated that movie. It was entertaining enough for a while, then toward the end, I figured out what was really going on, and I thought, "oh, that's clever." ...But the movie didn't end. It kept going and explained everything again. Then it went over the details yet again. Then, in case the audience is completely dense, it screams "HERE'S THE EXPLAINATION TO THE PLOT TWIST!" By that point, I decided it really wasn't that clever in the first place. I will say this, though: Cameron Crowe always puts together phenomenal soundtracks.