Saturday, September 27, 2003

John may, er... maybe not

Well, Misty and I had  planned on seeing John Mayer when he comes to town in November. However, I just went to Ticketmaster to get tickets, and it was going to cost $93.30 for a pair!

To be fair, I've paid such ridiculously high prices for concert tickets before. But when I pay that much, I expect it to be for either a major  act (U2, Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, etc.) or one hell of a spectacle show. John Mayer fits neither of these criteria. He's good, but he hasn't established himself as a mainstay heavy hitter yet. And I seriously doubt there's going to be any grand spectacle at his show.

Oddly enough, tickets don't appear to be that expesive. They're listed at only $33 each. So two tickets should be $66. Once Ticketmaster is finished with you, though, you're suddenly paying an extra $27.30. You could almost buy another ticket for that! Well, except that you'd need an extra $13.65 for the Ticketmaster gestapo.

Considering that tickets to recent concerts from R.E.M. and Tom Petty could be had for as little as $10-$15, I think we'll hold off on John Mayer.

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