Friday, March 19, 2004

Baby disregards eviction notice

Nothing. That's what's going on in the baby department. Nothing.

We went to the doctor yesterday to learn that Misty has not dialated and the baby has still not dropped. Her pelvis may actually be too small for the baby's head to fit though (especially since she already weighs over 8 pounds and continues to grow). We don't know yet, though. It seems we won't know until the actual delivery process begins.

The doctor told us to come back Tuesday or Wednesday and see whether things have progressed any. If nothing has changed they'll scedule Misty to be induced on the Monday following her due date. That's a bit of a contrast from what we'd been led to believe previously — that the baby would probably arrive a week ahead of schedule and if not, they wouldn't let Misty go any later than her due date because the baby would be so big by then. Anyway, they'll try inducing and let Misty labor for a few hours. Then if things aren't progressing, they'll go ahead with a C-section.

With an inducement scheduled for the evening the Monday after the due date, that would put the latest birth date at March 30. As things look now, I'm expecting to wait that long. I hope Emily decides to make her way into the world earlier, but I'm not counting on it. Misty and I are, of course, anxious to get this process over with and meet our baby girl. We're trying to look on the bright side, though. This will give us one more week to do things like read and watch movies. For Misty, it will give her a week off work to relax before the big day.

But, as with every single element of pregnancy, anything could happen at any time.

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