Friday, March 05, 2004

The departure of Saturn

The long battle between myself and the evil cat is finally over, and I have emerged the victor.

Saturn peed on the floor in the baby's room again last night. And I just had the carpets professionally steam cleaned this week, too. We weren't sure that she was still doing it since we moved her litter box, so Misty laid down a bunch of paper towels before we went to work. When we came home, they were wet.

Later on, I found Saturn sitting in Emily's crib. Peeing on the floor was already enough for Misty to decide that it was time for the cat to go, but the fact that she might scratch or suffocate the baby by jumping in the crib is even more of a problem.

Saturn is currently on vacation at the animal clinic. We've asked my parents if they'd like to adopt her, but we're not sure where she'll end up just yet.

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