Monday, March 01, 2004

No need to thank your parakeet

There's something that nobody seems to be mentioning about last night's Oscar ceremonies. Jack Black and Will Ferrell sang the words to the hurry-up-and-finish song, but we hardly got to hear it.

I don't know why the Academy allowed people to finish their speeches last night, but I actually enjoyed it. I've always found it rude when the winners get cut off. They'll let a guy who barely speaks English ramble on incoherently for 5 minutes, but someone else will get the music.

Last night Richard Taylor was the only person I noticed getting cut off. But it was his third trip to the stage. He'd already delivered lengthy speeches for his awards for best costume design and best makeup, and he was trying for another. I hate to say it, but dude, you won the makeup award — no one cares about what you have to say.

And speaking of being cut off by the music... Last year's most famous silenced speaker, Michael Moore, appeared in the opening skit, lampooning his "shame on you" speech. It seems Mike's being a good sport about the whole thing. Good for him. But while they're happy to use his speech as a punchline, the Academy wasn't willing to allow him to include it on the "Bowling for Columbine" DVD. That's just hypocritical.

Update: Have I got this Richard Taylor thing totally wrong? I can't find reference to it anywhere.

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