Friday, March 12, 2004

Exercise your rights. Get sent to prison.

This pisses me off.
Woman gets murder charge in baby death

A pregnant woman who allegedly ignored medical warnings to have a Caesarean section to save her twins was charged Thursday with murder after one of the babies was stillborn.

Granted, if you read the rest of the story the woman sounds like a bit of a kook. But a murderer? Give me a break.

Before you have a C-section, you have to sign a consent form. This woman refused to give her consent, and now she's in prison. What's the point of giving her a choice then?

It reminds me of the second episode of "Forever Eden" (has it been cancelled yet?) where the "least desireable" woman could choose which man to banish. After making her choice, she was given the option of sparing him instead. Sticking with her decision to banish him, she was then told that since she chose to banish him, she'd now be banished as well.

Yeah, it's just like that.

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