Friday, March 05, 2004

Big baby

Misty went to the doctor again yesterday. It turns out that the baby has not dropped, after all. She's moved downward a little, but it's not official yet.

Emily currently weighs 7 pounds, 13 ounces. She's expected to gain about a half-pound a week as she continues to bake. If, in two weeks, she weighs around 9 pounds, the doctors are going to offer to induce labor. At the latest, though, we'll have to wait three more weeks (the expected due date). If Misty hasn't gone into labor by then, the doctors plan to induce. Otherwise Emily will be too big to deliver.

They did another ultrasound to check that the baby is pointed in the right direction. She is. I got to watch the tape when Misty got home. You can see lots more features now. Emily clearly has toes, lips, and a nose. She's cute even though she's blurry.

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