Sunday, March 07, 2004


I had a busy day yesterday.

First, of course, I went to work. On the way home, I stopped by Babies R Us to pick up a rocker/glider that Misty's mom had bought. It was a tight squeeze getting it into my car, but it fit.

At home, I set upon doing my manly duty of putting stuff together. I assembled the gargantuan stoller/carseat/trojan horse combo. The pieces all snapped together rather easily, but it took a while for me to comprehend exactly how. I hate it when directions are written with each step in three languages. It just confuses me when I read "Fasten the wheels to the rear axle. Attacher les roues à l'essieu arrière. Abroche las ruedas al eje trasero." I always read further than I'm supposed to and I end up thinking I'm supposed to attacher les roues, and I don't know what that means. I like it better when there's a different section for each language. Segregation is good. Anyway, I got the thing put together.

Next up was the rocker/glider. Its directions were very simple to comprehend, but the actual assembly was more difficult. I had to twist my arm in weird positions and tighten screws with a tiny allen wrench while I held a nut in place with a phillips-head screwdriver. My dexterity was put to the test, and I succeeded.

My manly tasks completed, I set upon what is normaly Misty's job — gardening. For the next couple hours, I crouched in the front yard, pulling weeds. I managed to get myself good and filthy. It was a nice day, so there were lots of kids out playing and people walking around the neighborhood. One of our neighbors walked by with a big airedale, which Mango and Buttons were enthralled with. They never bark at other dogs, though. Later a couple rode by on their bicycles — one of them with a baby strapped into a rear seat. The woman called out, teasing, "it looks like you've got more weeds than grass."

Following a shower to rid myself of my newly-acquired grime, I accepted the grim reality that I would finally have to clean the bathroom sinks. I'm not sure they'd been cleaned since we moved in. If they had, it was certainly not more than once. Much scrubbing was required and many paper towels were disposed of. The bathroom looks sparkley now, though.

Misty returned from shopping with her family, and we ate pizza and discussed plans for the baby shower.

Finally I went to bed for a good four hours of sleep.

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