Sunday, October 19, 2003

100 things about me

I was going to post one of those "100 Things" lists to commemorate my 100th blog post, but it seems that I'm a few posts too late. Oh, well. I'm not going to make a list of 106 Things. This one took long enough as it is.

100 Things About Me...

1. I was born in Boston, so technically I'm a Yankee.

2. However, I've spent nearly my entire life in the South.

3. I do not believe that the "South will rise again."

4. I have lived in five different states: Massachusetts, Texas, Kansas, (did I mention Texas?), Georgia, and Alabama.

5. I have visited (not counting those I've merely diven through) 19 different states.

6. I have only been out of the country once — for a 10-day trip to England and France.

7. I am not named after the character Matthew Cuthbert in Anne of Green Gables, but I enjoy the association.

8. I do not understand why so many people mispronounce my last name. It's pronounced just as it's written.

9. I am married to a beautiful, witty, and loving woman named Misty.

10. We met on New Year's Eve, 2002.

11. We are the proud parents of two little girls named Emily and Kendall.

12. Emily had colic and screamed nearly non-stop for her first 2½ months of life. It was the most difficult thing I've ever experienced.

13. In comparison, Kendall was an easy baby.

14. I am the older of two children.

15. I have a degree in communication arts from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

16. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on movie trailers.

17. College wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

18. Nevertheless, my grades weren't very good.

19. I feel like I learned more than most people who had better grades, though.

20. In school I rarely took lecture notes. I've always had an easier time learning by paying attention and figuring things out instead of transcribing and memorizing.

21. I failed statistics twice — the first time because I never went to class, the second time because I never went to class, figuring, "eh, I've had this class before."

22. I used to claim that the Internet was just a fad.

23. Now I make my living on the Internet as the senior editorial producer at

24. I like my job.

25. If I wasn't in the career I'm in, I'd like to be a teacher.

26. My first job was working at a swimwear store. Basically, I got paid to read and occasionally help women try on bathing suits.

27. When I went to college I wanted to work in radio.

28. I got an internship writing news at WAHR, and for about six months I worked as a DJ.

29. I no longer want to work in radio.

30. Growing up I was always shy and reserved, especially in high school.

31. At my college orientation, a girl who I'd thought was cute came up and asked me to dance — twice. I turned her down both times and again when she asked if I wanted to accompany her and some other students to the other side of campus to play volleyball.

32. Later that evening, I realized the incredible stupidy of my actions, and I made a conscious decision to change my behavior and embrace a more outgoing personality. I consider it a defining moment in my life.

33. After my first year, I was named my university's "Most Oustanding Freshman Leader."

34. When I was elected president of the Resident Student Association, my opponent accused me of rigging the results (I didn't).

35. Students were asked to re-vote, and I won by an even greater margin.

36. I was on UAH's homecoming court one year.

37. I have never attended a football game.

38. I don't care who wins the Iron Bowl.

39. I skiped my high school prom and graduation.

40. It doesn't impress me that someone can graduate from high school. You're required by law to attend school for most of it anyway — finishing up that last bit isn't that much more.

41. I used to enjoy cooking, but gave up because my wife not only enjoys it more, but is so much better at it than I am.

42. Considering how much good food is put in front of me at home, it amazes me that I haven't gained weight since marrying Misty.

43. I don't really try to manage my weight -- I guess I just have a strong metabolism.

44. My favorite drink is milk.

45. I used to collect those milk mustache magazine ads, but there got to be to many of them. Now there's a book.

46. I cannot stand the taste of coffee, but I love the smell.

47. My only source of caffiene is chocolate.

48. I have never smoked or used recreational drugs.

49. I didn't even drink until I was 21. I'm such a prude.

50. I have never chewed gum.

51. I've never had any cavities, either. So there.

52. My teeth are straight even though I haven't had braces.

53. I wear contacts to correct for severe myopia.

54. I am physically, but not mentally, claustrophobic. Small spaces do not frighten me in the least, but my body physically shuts down.

55. This affliction prevents me from being able to snorkle, wear Halloween masks or blow up balloons.

56. I am often guilty of procrastination.

57. Most of the time, I will back-date my blog entries, catching up on things I should have written earlier.

58. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. You get food, family, and two days off from work. Also, since Christmas decorations go up and shopping commences in full force, it's like having two holidays in one.

59. My heroes include Jim Henson and Walt Disney.

60. I have been to Disney World more than a dozen times, and I may even enjoy it more now as an adult.

61. I am not interested in your rants on why you hate the Disney corporation.

62. I love animated movies and have more than 50 of them in my DVD collection (though the girls like to claim ownership of them).

63. I have seen 65 of The American Film Institute's 100 Greatest Movies (and nearly 80% of the top 50). I'm slowing working on the rest.

64. It irritates me to no end when movies are displayed in the wrong aspect ratio. You'd think that the proliferation of widescreen TVs would have solved this problem, but it's only made it worse.

65. When I go to the movies, I am very picky about picture and sound quality.

66. I have been known to yell at people who allow their cell phones to ring in movie theatres.

67. I managed to make it until September, 2009 before finally getting my own cell phone.

68. I don't like to channel surf while watching television.

69. However, I'm sucker for home improvement shows and reality TV.

70. I rarely do any home improvement, though I did audition for a reality TV show once.

71. I will gladly do any of the household chores except washing the dishes.

72. I clip coupons and usually save a few dollars with them each time I buy groceries.

73. I have become adept at using coupons for products which I am not actually buying.

74. I am a stickler for proper grammar.

75. My favorite band is R.E.M. I've been to five of their concerts.

76. My favorite book is High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. It really captures how I see my life. The movie is one of my favorites as well.

77. I tend to plan  to read books more often than I actually get around to reading them. Each new year I resolve to read more, but I'm lucky to finish a book each month.

78. I love comic books. They are my soap operas.

79. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time or the money to keep up with keep up with the stories month-by-month (or week-by-week). I stick with a few of my favorites and read them in graphic novel format.

80. I have attended the San Diego Comic Con a few times, and I can tell you that I'm far from the nerdiest, geekiest, or dorkiest of comic fans (actually, most of those stereotypes are unfair).

81. For 2½ years I owned a comic book store called Haven.

82. That cured me of ever again wanting to own my own business.

83. Nevertheless, I do miss the store. I don't get to visit there as much as I'd like.

84. I have always believed in God, but for a long time I was hesitant to label myself as a Christian (too many hypocritical, loud-mouthed extremists gave Christianity a bad name). It's only since Misty and I started attending church together that I've truly begun to embrace my own faith.

85. I think it's more likely that we've all got it a little bit wrong than one particular religion being absolutely right.

86. I am a firm supporter of the separation of church and state.

87. I swam competitively from the time I was in 6th grade through high school.

88. My swimming abilities were always overshadowed by my younger brother's.

89. I once had to leave swim practice early to drive my brother to the hospital. He and another teammate had been tossing a stick back and forth while running laps, and the stick ended up piercing his bottom lip. On the way to the hospital, he kept trying to stick his tongue through the hole.

90. I can touch my tongue to the tip of my nose.

91. I do not require an alarm clock to wake up on time each morning.

92. When I was a freshman in college, I got my ear pierced. It was stupid. The earing has been gone for years, but there's still a lump from where the hole was.

93. When I was in 2nd grade, I played Bambi in the school play. To hear my mother tell it, you'd think I'd played Hamlet at the Globe Theatre.

94. I drive a 2003 Volkswagon Jetta.

95. I do not know how to operate a manual transmission.

96. I once crashed my car (not the Jetta) into my neighbor's house. Never, never try to push your car out of the garage if you live on a hill.

97. I love to sing in the car.

98. When I'm alone or with my daughters, I tend to sing a lot of nonsense songs.

99. I don't know if I'll ever feel like a grown-up.

100. Life is hard, but I'm happy with mine.