Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Unwanted houseguests

Misty has just reported her suspicions that we have a mouse in our house. She says it sounds like something's running around inside the walls.

I'm inclined to accept that we probably are sharing our home with a mouse.

Last night, upon draining the sink after washing the dishes, water started pouring into the cabinet below. The PVC pipe had somehow disloged itself. I used this as an opportunity to clean the gunk out of the pipe, but when I put it back together, I found that there were no grooves with wich to screw it in. It just plugs into the next piece, and it comes apart easily. Brilliant bit of engineering there.

We moved out all the "cleaners and cleansers and shit" from under the sink and proceeded to sop up the mess with a towel. At the back of the cabinet, I noticed what looked like a leaf or a dead bug or something. Just before I picked it up, I realized it was the carcass of a mouse. I decided not to pick it up with my bare hands after all.

If there are mice in the house, I don't know what we're going to be able to do about it. If we set out traps or poison, the dogs will surely get into it.

I think this should be Saturn's job. She catches bugs all the time. She even caught a bird in mid-flight that had found its way onto the back porch. She should be able to outwit and capture a mouse.

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