Wednesday, October 22, 2003

A long last, a weekend

I love this! Not having to be at Haven on Wednesdays is even better than I expected. This weekend has been my first real two-day weekend in years (remember, my weekends run Tues/Wed).

Every weekend, I make myself a list chores I want to tackle. It feels like I've accomplished something as I cross each item off the list, but I usually don't come close to finishing them all. Yesterday was no different. I wanted to clean the garage, wash the laundry, mow the lawn, and do a bunch of paperwork. I finshed about half the garage and half the laundry, and I cut the grass (well, the weeds, actually). Today, though, I can still work on finishing my projects. I'm still at home! I suppose everyone else who regularly works five days per week won't see this as revolutionary, but I am beside myself. It's quite odd.

Misty was home yesterday, too, so we did a lot of work in the yard. She planted pansies in front of the house while I mowed the lawn. We trimmed the crepe myrtles so we have room to sit in our rocking chairs on the porch. Misty also cut back the maple tree a bit, making it look much cleaner. I dug up all the grass from around the mailbox so we can put flowers back in there. Finally, we dug through the closet for Halloween decorations and replaced our door wreath with a sign declaring that "The witch is in." We're rather impressed with what we accomplished yesterday. We're far from winning our neighborhood's "yard of the month," but if there was a "most improved" category, we'd be a shoe-in.

As the day wound down, we baked a frozen pizza and settled into the couch to watch 28 Days Later. Unfortunately, this meant that Misty didn't eat any of her dinner — the undead do look a lot like pizza. Anyway, it's a good movie, and it kept us pretty jumpy. I liked the way the zombies were fast instead of sluggish, moaning things. Danny Boyle also does some pretty cool stuff with sound and music in the movie, adding much to the tension. Our doorbell rang half way through, and we nearly came unglued.

I'm looking forward to another fun and productive day off today. The rest of you just can't understand my sense of peace.

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