Friday, October 17, 2003

Better stories than mine

I don't think there's any convincing her to write a blog, but Misty continues to have some funny stories to share regarding the animal clinic where she works.

Just yesterday...

  • A woman came in asking her if any of their clients were looking to adopt a beaver.

  • Another woman wanted to know if the vet could check her neighbor's dog's poop for worms. The sample she brought in, however, was seven days old. Hearing the news that she'd need fresher poop, she said that getting it would be difficult because the dog lives 70 miles away. "You must have a lot of land," Misty replied. This comment completely baffled the woman. Still determined to get this particular poop sample checked by the vet, she asked again if Misty was sure it wasn't possible. Misty explained that as time sets in, the feces will harden, making it impossible to check for worms. "Oh, I can make it soft," the woman said. She then proceeded to squeeze the plastic baggie and mash up her poop sample.

    As usual, the stories are better when Misty tells them. But I thought they needed to be shared, even if only secondhand.
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