Thursday, October 16, 2003

Citizen bloggery

My editor e-mailed me this today...

An experiment in citizen blogging is underway at, the online division of Advance Publications Inc., publisher of newspapers, magazines and Web sites (including and The company has introduced citizen bloggers at two of its local-news sites, and If the concept pans out, it may be expanded to other Advance sites.

A few community members have been invited to write and maintain their own personal blogs on specific local-interest topics in the site's blogging sections. Advance isn't running a blog-hosting service where anyone can have a blog; rather, this is a more selective strategy of vetting who can blog as part of their news sites. The idea is to expand the depth of local news on and (call it "hyper-local" journalism) — and offer consumers a more personal local-news experience than what you typically get from a newspaper or local-news Web site.

I think this is a pretty nice feature. Since is an affilliate of Advance, maybe Alabama will see this sort of thing soon.

What do y'all think about it?

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