Friday, October 24, 2003

When is $100 better than $4,495?

I just visited and got this message...
Starting today, you can find books at based on every word inside them, not just on matches to the author or title keywords. Search Inside the Book — the name for this new feature — searches the complete inside text of more than 120,000 books — all 33 million pages of them.

I don't know if this will ever help me, but it sounds like a nifty feature.

The contest mentioned later in the message, however, is what I find amusing.
We'd love to hear about your experiences using Search Inside the Book. We're running a contest where we'll award our grand prize winner a Segway Human Transporter. Ten additional customers will each win a $100 gift certificate.

Have you ever seen a Segway? It's for everyone who's ever thought, "walking slowly is just too strenuous." It is the death of the human race.

Forget the grand prize — I'd rather have the $100.

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