Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Misty's debut

For months now, whenever we've discussed something amusing, Misty has been making comments to me like "You should write about that in your blog." I always reply, "It's your  story (or idea, or joke, or whatever) — you  should write about it."

This weekend, prompted by the acquisition of her ring, she finally decided that she wanted to write her own blog. I think she's just excited about sharing with everyone that we're engaged.

We've spent the past couple days putting a blog together for her, and it's looking pretty good. As her title suggests — Bitching: My Anti-Drug — she plans to vent about stuff that pisses her off — work, family, people in general. I assume she'll also give occasional updates on the baby's progress and throw in some recipes and such.

I know the main reason she's doing this is that it's something I enjoy, and I appreciate that. Maybe after a couple of weeks of her own blogging, she'll understand why I've grown so fond of it.

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