Thursday, October 30, 2003

Blog Meetup Day

Skillzy, author of the Hard Times blog, is hosting November's Blog Meetup Day event for folks in the Birmingham area. It's to be on the 19th at an as-yet-undertermined location (those who plan to attend get to vote on the venue). Since the blog crowd seems a much more intellectual lot than the chat crowd, I am going to give this meetup thing a try. I'll be there — wherever there ends up being.

I visited the Blog Meetup site, and I found its navigation rather confusing. I can't tell from the list of people signed up whether those people have RSVPed or whether they're just bloggers in the Birmingham area who might be interested. It says you should RSVP, but where do you do that? Just by signing up? Unfortunately, the FAQ section of the site focuses on what Blog Meetup Day is (which is immediately obvious), rather than how the event actually works. In other words, it's a great idea with poor execution.

I agree with Sugarmama in that there's little point in going if only a couple people plan to show up, so since the site doesn't make it clear, I suggest that anyone who wishes to attend e-mail Skillzy and let him know. I'm sure he can come up with a way to advertise the guest list. Beyond that, promote it in your own blogs, and maybe we'll see a decent crowd.

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